I am a first year student at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, supervised by Professor Rosario Gennaro. I can be found at the CAISS Institute. I wrote my Masters thesis on Homomorphic Signature Schemes with Yevgeniy Dodis  and the incalculably important guidance  of Dario Fiore. I am primarily interested in Cryptography and more broadly in Theoretical Computer Science. In particular my work so far has focused on designing provably secure protocols. See my Resume or choose from the links on the right for more details.


CURRENTLY : I am spending Summer 2014 at Microsoft Research India with the Crypto and Complexity team.

EDUCATION : I received an MSCi degree from Imperial College London and a Masters from the Courant Institute of NYU, both in Mathematics.

Algebraic (Trapdoor) One Way Functions and their Applications
D. Catalano, D. Fiore, R. Gennaro and K. Vamvourellis
In the Proceedings of the 10th Theory of Cryptography Conference -TCC 2013, Tokyo, Japan. March 3-6, 2013 – LNCS 7785, pp. 680-699.
(Proceedings version) (Full version – ePrint)

TALKS/PRESENTATIONS: Crypto in my Complexity Theory class (CUNY Graduate Center – Dec ’13) PDF

TEACHING : During my studies at NYU I had a great time TAing Algebra and Calculus for Arie Israel and grading Prof. Greenleaf’s Graduate Linear Algebra course. 

NON-ACADEMIC: I try to contribute regularly at the  collaborative blog ypopsin.gr  . If you can read modern Greek have a look at my articles and feel free to contact me if you are interested in contributing too.